About Us

In 2008 a path full of work and sacrifice begins, Wencolor draws its first line of eyebrows in a discreet way, over the years it has followed this process based on research. At the beginning the product was based on a well-known product for pigmentation, henna, but in the permanent development and constant growth WenColor replaces henna with other natural components derived from a combination of plants with better pigmentation capabilities for the eyebrows, creating a original product with triple benefit that no other product has been able to match:

  1. Semi-permanent eyebrow pigmentation.
  2. Keep eyebrow hair alive by nourishing it permanently.
  3. Eyebrow growth, revitalizing the hair follicles.

Wencolor has 14 years of brow care experience, founded in Deerfield Beach, Florida in 2008.

During the following years, a diversity of pigments has been developed, always taking care of the well-being and beauty of the eyebrows.