Active 4

Organic Brows Pigment Activator for Eyebrows

Specifically prepared with the best standards to optimize the fixation of the pigment in the hair of your eyebrows, enriched with derivatives of beets and castor oil to balance the Ph of the eyebrow hair follicle and give greater fixation. They have two presentations, 10 and 30 ml.


Organic Brows Eyebrow Shade Degrader Activator.

Degrades the color of the Organic Brows pigment, for softer colors to your liking. Gradient up to two tones with a satin effect. Helps to fix the pigment. With jojoba and beet oil. Presentation of 30ml.

Degradador de tonos para cejas ActiveD4
Mix Cejas Organicas

3 Steps for Beautiful Brows with VIVID COLORS

First Step

Apply SHAMPOO to wet eyebrows previously with water, brush gently with an eyebrow brush, removing all impurities.

Second Step

Apply FUSIONE to a clean cotton makeup pad, removing grease and to level the pH.

Third Step

Mix organic brows pigment with Active4 or ActiveD4 (Do not mix) and apply to brows. BEAUTIFUL BROWS AND VIBRANT COLORS.