Eyebrows Cleanser


Eyebrow Cleanser

Organic formula that cleanses, softens and balances hair and pH. Moisturizes and tones the skin around the eyes and eyebrows. Powerful antioxidant that protects from free radicals and aging. Stimulates growth and revitalizes brows, leaving them hydrated and looking flawless. It prevents dandruff and fungus, and has bactericidal properties.

New exclusive formula for eyebrows. Made with our advanced biotechnology, FUSIONE is an all-in-one product. Removes impurities and fat, improves the pigmentation of Organic BROWS and nourishes the follicle and the hair of the eyebrows. FUSIONE, together with our Herbal Organic Shampoo, is the perfect combination for perfect and beautiful eyebrows.

Eyebrow Shampoo

Wencolor exclusive.

Our new herbal organic formula has been specially created to protect and strengthen your eyebrows, stimulating the growth of the hair follicle. Thanks to the properties of bhringraj, our eyebrows benefit from its nourishing properties. Aloe vera, with its moisturizing ability, provides moisture and softness, while its antiseptic and antibacterial agents keep your brows protected. In addition, the inclusion of keratin in our product helps your eyebrow hair look beautiful, shiny and full of life.

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