Cejas Profesionales WenColor

Professional Brows

Professional Eyebrows, Natural Recovery and Vivid Colors.

With 5 grams of professional brows content it is perfect for professional brows and makeup artists. The new formulation for eyebrows, with native American and Asian plants, creating a perfect combination for your eyebrows. The eyebrows need nutrients and natural oils necessary for the correct care of the eyebrows. With new components such as Basil Oil, creating a perfect balance avoiding premature loss of eyebrows.

This new formula for eyebrows combines the best of nature with organic growth techniques, offering pigmentation for natural eyebrows, with 35% henna so as not to mistreat the eyebrow hair follicle, protecting and nourishing it with its organic components.

Eyebrow growth.

Professional Brows have a perfect balance that is complemented by the Herbal Shampoo, Fusion (Eyebrows Cleanser) and Active, Active4 normal pigmentation and ActiveD4 to reduce dark color tones. (Do not mix between them). They increase the possibility of eyebrow growth.

3 Benefits for the eyebrows

  • Semi-permanent pigmentation for eyebrows, non-invasive, vivid and beautiful colors.
  • Permanent protection and nutrition, while the pigment is applied.
  • Eyebrow hair growth, stimulating the follicle.

With exclusive components of nature, organically grown and selected by experts. Organic Brows is developed with advanced biotechnology for your eyebrows. Composed of aloe vera, basil oil, henna, honey, starches, indigo, bringraj, castor oil, vitamins and antioxidants.

Without parabens, totally natural.




+ UV protection


+ Eyebrow Pigmentation


+ Moisturizing


Possibility of Growth

3 Steps for Beautiful Brows with VIVID COLORS

First Step

Apply SHAMPOO to wet eyebrows previously with water, brush gently with an eyebrow brush, removing all impurities.

Second Step

Apply FUSIONE to a clean cotton makeup pad, removing grease and to level the pH.

Third Step

Mix organic brows pigment with Active4 or ActiveD4 (Do not mix) and apply to brows. BEAUTIFUL BROWS AND VIBRANT COLORS.

Cejas Profesionales y Activador WenColor

6 Colors


Color: Black

Light Brown

Color: Light Brown

Dark Brown

Color: Dark Brown


Color: Chocolate

Medium Brown

Color: Medium Brown

Golden Brown

Color: Golden Brown